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Property Valuations Matter More Than Ever For Landlords

It is understandable people want as much relevant and pertinent information as possible before they make a decision. This is a sensible approach at the best of times, but right now, people are calling out for clarity and guidance.

At Brownstones Property Services, we aim to provide you with as much help and assistance as you need. We know many people have questions and queries regarding the housing market right now, and we are here to assist you.

If you have stayed in touch with Government guidance for the housing market, you will know that agents have been issued advice on moving home. Agreements can be made between landlords and tenants, and as a company, we are doing everything we can to ensure our clients receive safe and satisfactory support.

Some people are looking to move rental property soon

We appreciate many people have no intention of moving home now or at any point shortly. However, many people are keen to move now or soon. There are always reasons why people want to move to a new rental property, and a lot of people will use the lockdown time to consider their next move in the market.

One of the most critical elements for landlords to consider when placing a rental property on the market is the property valuation. With a realistic appraisal, the landlord can enter the market in confidence, justifying the rental fee they are looking for.

A range of factors influence property valuations, and the value is about much more than the property itself. Yes, the size, shape, the number of rooms and condition of the property matter when placing a value on a property, but so do many external factors.

External factors influence rental fees and property values

Issues like school places, transport options, crime rates, shops, restaurants, bars, community groups and virtually every aspect of modern life influence demand for rental property, and what people are willing to pay in rent each month.

Therefore, landlords should call on a local agent to value their home. A local agent who has experience in assessing homes, and who knows the local area well, will provide a more realistic value and rental fee appraisal.

Making an informed decision makes it easier for landlords to connect with tenants, and this is still the case during the lockdown. Tenants are looking to move home and realistic valuation matters.

Virtual valuation services may not be a perfect way to evaluate a property, but it is a workable solution for the situation we are all dealing with. Virtual valuations allow the rental process to continue as close to expected, and it helps provide landlords and tenants with greater confidence.

Everyone is looking for information these days, and if you are keen to stay up to date with the Slough rental market, we are here for you. At Brownstones Property Services, we are pleased to say we have brought many local landlords and tenants together, and we look forward to assisting you. If we can be of any help to you, please contact us today.